The gospel leads us to make disciples of Jesus in the everyday rhythms of life.

Mission is not what we do, It’s who we are.

Being missional is not an option for the believer. As Charles spurgeon puts it, “As a Christian you are either a missionary or an imposter.” We have been equipped with a message and entrusted with a mission. A mission to go and make disciples.

Jesus has given us the command to go and make disciples that make disciples. God is on mission to win back what has been lost to sin. He sent his Son to live the life we could not live and die the death we deserved to die in order to win us back. And when Jesus rose again, he entrusted the church with the message of hope that he purchased with his blood. So, we are on mission with God to share his message of love and hope so that other can come to have faith too.

We are sent by the Spirit to restore all things to God through Jesus Christ.

God sent Jesus to Earth to take on human form and live within the culture. He worked, ate and interacted among the people; living in such a way that those around him could see and experience what God was truly like. Jesus came so that all people, places and things could be restored to a right relationship with God. In the same way, we believe we are missionaries sent by God’s Spirit into our culture to restore all things to God through Jesus. We live this out through involvement in a missional community.

(John 1:14; 20:21; Colossians 1:19; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21)

As missionaries we are sent to share the truth about God’s love for the world through the sending of His Son. The Spirit has been given to us so that we can know what is true of Jesus (John 14:26; 16:12-15), live fruitful lives as evidence of the gospel’s power to change (Gal. 5:16-24), be empowered to share it boldly (Acts 4:23-31) and trust that he is the one who convicts the heart and gives new life (John 3:4-8). All fruitful missionary work is a result of being people who are born of, filled with, and led by the Spirit. If we are not living lives as missionaries fulfilling Jesus’ mission it is either because we don’t have the Spirit or we are grieving the Spirit, living in disobedience to what he is leading us to do.

We do what we do, because He did what He did.

Our identity is expressed through our rhythms. We believe these rhythms can be expressed throughout every-day life, whether we are in the workplace, on campus, in the local pubs and restaurants, or sitting around during our Missional Community gatherings or Sunday Night gathering. These are the very rhythms that were being expressed within the early church, and we aim to get back to the bare roots of Christianity and live as we were always called to live.

Our aim is not to add anything new to our lives, but to be intentional with what we already have.


We gather regularly in our homes and in the community as a means to find rest from the demands of everyday life. We find rest in spending time together as individuals who are seeking to learn more about the Gospel.


We prepare and share meals together, and we go out in the community to share a meal with one another. This breaking of bread keeps us aware of our dependency on God and reminds us that only He can sustain us.


We listen for God as we pray and share in God’s word and hear from one another as we are pursuing a deeper understanding of who God is in our lives.


We are constantly seeking different ways to be a blessing to one another and to others in our community, and we seek to serve one another daily as we have been served the fullness of Christ in the Gospel.


We regularly celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin, and how Jesus’ victory leads us to being redeemed and restored on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment, basis.


We are always pursuing what it means to take the Gospel out into the community to make disciples who will make disciples.