We Are Heights

We exist to blanket the Metro-East with the Gospel message as we learn together what it means to be in Community and on Mission for God’s glory.

We are Heights Church. Our name is an outward reminder that the city for which are first and foremost on mission is surrounded by three "Heights" locations: Lumaghi Heights, Hollywood Heights, and Meadow Heights. The name, Heights Church, keeps us focused on spreading the Gospel not only to ourselves, but also far past the surrounding Heights locations and well into the St. Louis Metro-East.

Our vision is simple-- we believe God has called us to himself to fulfill his mission of making disciples that make disciples. We believe God’s mission is best expressed through living as a Missional Community. The vision for Heights Church is that we would not settle for an hour and half service on the weekend, but that we would be moved to delight in God throughout regular Rhythms of life, and that we would more fully understand God and his character as we are living out our Identity as Christians.

We are not on mission for community. We are a community on mission. 80% of the Metro-East is either unchurched or dechurched. This means that 4 out 5 people we interact with on a daily basis have never been to church, or they once went to church and they have now stopped attending. We are convinced that the Metro-East does not need just another church. The Metro-East is hungry for a church that teaches and preaches the Gospel, a church that lives on mission for those who are not in relationship with Jesus.

We know that we bring nothing to the table except the Message of Jesus. We do not claim to have it all figured out. We do not claim that we are starting a church the “right” way. We do what we do because Jesus did what he did. Everything we do is driven from the heart of Gospel. The world says work; Jesus says rest. We want to share the finished work of Christ with everyone. Our aim is to take seasoned Christians and further coach and train them in their understanding of the Gospel, and to take those who are not in relationship with Jesus, and maybe for the first time, invite them into relationship with him. We will do this through living out our Identity and Rhythms.